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How to Staff a Franchise Restaurant: An Ultimate Guide

When it comes to chain and franchise restaurants, one of the most important ingredients for business success is a dependable team. Running a franchise restaurant is more than creating great food, it’s creating an enjoyable environment that consumers will rave

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Attracting More Women to a Career in Welding

Training as a welder can open up opportunities to work in a diverse range of sectors from construction and manufacturing to aerospace and petrochemical industries. But despite there being a demand for welding skills, women are still underrepresented in the

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Recruiting Isn’t Rocket Science — Except When It Is

Every organization has a different goal that it wants to achieve, and a different reason for wanting to achieve it. But one thing we all have in common is that our success is driven by the people we hire. And in

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Why Healthcare Staffing Agencies Are Here to Stay

America’s medical spending is on an inevitable rise. This statement is not very much of a surprise, partially due to the overall health deterioration of the country’s population. According to The Atlantic, the manufacturing industry had 7 million more workers

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How a Strategic Interior Design Affects Wellbeing and Productivity at the Workplace?

Strategic interior design not only looks good, but it also affects an employee’s wellbeing and productivity at the workplace. Here’s how. Source: HR Technologist | Visit: How a Strategic Interior Design Affects Wellbeing and Productivity at the Workplace?

9 AI Trends that Every HR Must Know in 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a huge difference in the HR and recruitment world. There’s no denying to it. But, what AI trends should HRs actually embrace this year? Find here. Source: HR Technologist | Visit: 9 AI Trends that

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We’re Training the Workforce Wrong and It Matters Now More than Ever

Automation, and the changes in the workforce it brings, is top of mind for technologists, business leaders, economists, and scholars. Training – specifically reskilling and upskilling – is key for companies to properly prepare their employees for future jobs. Source:

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Kronos Partners With Ultimate Software

Kronos and Ultimate Software together plan to add 3,000 employees over three years in their company Source: HR Technologist | Visit: Kronos Partners With Ultimate Software

Bullhorn Announces Keynote Speakers at Engage Austin 2020

Bullhorn announced that former NASA Deputy Administrator Dr. Dava Newman and “American Ninja Warrior” host Matt Iseman will deliver the keynote presentations at Engage® Austin 2020 Source: HR Technologist | Visit: Bullhorn Announces Keynote Speakers at Engage Austin 2020

Will Open Hiring by The Body Shop Start a New Recruitment Trend?

The Body Shop announced its new policy to hire the first candidate to apply for any retail role. Here’s our analysis of the pros and cons of open hiring. Source: HR Technologist | Visit: Will Open Hiring by The Body

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