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Why You Should Think Like a Salesperson When Hunting for a New Job

The art of sales and the art of securing a job aren't all that different. Both center on your ability to hold a meaningful, mutually beneficial conversation. Both also have reputations for one-sidedness. Salespeople and hiring managers are often seen as prize-grabbing

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How Long-Term Planning Allows for Smoother Seasonal Transitions at Work

As summer comes to an end, many people feel a little drained. This happens during almost every seasonal change. With a new season comes new events and more planning, and every person goes through significant life changes, no matter where

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How To Avoid Appearing Overconfident During Interviews

When you’re REALLY nervous for a job interview, it can work against you. You might not realize it, but your nervousness can actually make you overcompensate and appear arrogant, which can hurt your first impression. Instead of risking looking overconfident

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The Accomplished Academic – Professional Resume Template for Researchers

Whether you call it a resume or a CV, the document you submit for positions in academic or research settings will be quite different from the typical resume. In the world of academia and research, potential employers want lengthier descriptions

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3 Tips On How To Answer "Why Are You Leaving Your Job?"

A prepared job seeker will have thought about questions that will be asked at the job interview. One of them may be: “Why are you leaving your job?” As you think about a response to this question, also consider how

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Passing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Certification Exams with PrepAway Dumps

When you pass 70-740 and eventually earn MCSE: Business Applications, this ensures your expertise in modifying Windows 365 for both sales and service. Source: CareerAlley | Apply: Passing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Certification Exams with PrepAway Dumps

Actionable Tips for Dealing with Imposter Syndrome at Work

Imposter syndrome has become a bit of a buzzword in many tech and business circles—but it’s not without reason. The data shows that only a small minority of tech workers (of both genders!) remain unscathed by these feelings of self-doubt.

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How to Ask for Feedback on Your Job Interview

There’s no doubt about it: Job interviews can feel incredibly transactional, especially if you’ve gone through a number of them without getting an offer or finding the right fit for your career goals. But like any other learning process, interviewing

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The Most In-demand Coding Languages and Tech Roles in London

It’s important for engineers to stay on top of new trends—from the languages being used to the types of roles in highest demand. Unsurprisingly, this can change across geographies depending on local dynamics such as the size and type of

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I Work With AI And Blockchain Technology—And I’m An Auditor At An Accounting Firm

You might not associate the accounting industry with innovative technology, but these days, emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain are making their way into many of the major firms’ processes. Getting to work with that technology has helped

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