Career Mantra Admission Guidance

Admission Guidance: Career Mantra helps students in admission process by guiding them.

  • Career Mantra helps aspirants in clearing their any doubt related to the admissions.
  • Our experts and counsellors are available online as well as on phones to solve all the queries aspirants have regarding the selection of streams, colleges, subject, payment of fees or any other admission related procedure.
  • Career mantra provide students with all the information about the entrance exams and their procedure so that students can prepare themselves well.
  • Career Mantra will also help in predicting students college admission chances and ranks based on your performance which will help one to decide about the colleges and streams.
  • Career mantra will also help in predicting your rank based on your performances in various exams.
  • Career Mantra will help students in admissions process by providing various payment methods.
  • Career Mantra will act as a one stop solution to all the queries that students have in regard to the admission process.


GD/PI Process: Once the admission Process is done, GD/PI is said to be one of the crucial process to be cleared by students to move a step ahead. Career Mantra will help students in this process.

  • Career Mantra will guide students in their grooming their personality so that they sound and look confident when they talk.
  • Career Mantra will facilitate will the all the relevant topics prevalent and provide you with all the information so that students can we well prepared for the same.
  • Career Mantra will help and guide students with skilled and experienced mentors who are experts in conduction GD /PI process. They will guide students at every step so that they look presentable and talk in a confident manner.
  • Career Mantra will make students go through various mock Interviews and will ensure that each n every student is well prepared and present themselves in such a way that they cross this hurdle smoothly.

Re-Admissions: Career Mantra guides students for the admissions process by imparting them with all the information needed for the admissions, further help them in GD /PI as well.

  • Career Mantra will ensure that aspirants get admissions and are satisfied with the colleges in all the respect.
  • Our cycle doesn’t end the admission process, once aspirants have taken admissions.
  • We help students in Re-admission process as well if you are not satisfied with the college in which you have taken admission.
  • Students can avail our services free of cost and we will be guiding you further to get the best of the best colleges.

Common Application FormCareer Mantra will ensure that you reach new heights by filling the common Application form.

  • Aspirants can explore more than 100 colleges and universities through this and can fill in the form as well.
  • Career Mantra provides process to students through which they can fill application form free of cost in more than 20 colleges.

Apply for Scholarship: Career Mantra helps students with scholarship so that they can easily pursue their career without any financial aid.

  • Every year Career Mantra has been organising MBA Conclave all through the country where MBA aspirants participate in bulk and are take a scholarship test.
  • We ensure that all the students gets the benefits of the scholarships awarded and this further helps them in getting admissions in their favourite colleges.


 Career Guidance:  Career Mantra will act as a career guide to all the MBA aspirants.

  • Career Mantra will help in revising the documents and will guide you at every step so that the documents are arranged and prepared properly.
  • Career mantra will also facilitate students and suggest them top colleges of India and abroad where they can take admissions according to their academic performance.
  • Career Mantra will also ensure that students take admissions as per their budgets and locations that is convenient.


Expert Guidance:  Career Mantra has a group of experts always ready to guide them.

  • Aspirants go through different turmoil’s mentally and emotionally while they are going through the admission process.
  • Career Mantra acts as a catalyst and tries to clear all the confusions aspirants have during the admission process.
  • Our experts are available 24X7 not only to guide them on what college is best for them as per their score, budget and other constraints but also will help them in coping up the confusions and depressions one has to go through during the process.
  • Our experts will help in resolving all the dilemma’s students have and will help them in working them out and coming out of them and grooming them as better person.

Other Issues:  Career Mantra has been always know for making their customers totally satisfied with their services.

  • We create a long term relationship with our students.
  • Career Mantra will facilitate and guide if students face any kind of problem in colleges.
  • One can approach us and we are happy to resolve it.

Re Fund: Career Mantra is working dedicatedly to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Career Mantra dedicatedly works to ensure that you all totally satisfied with college, if not we will ensure that you get your money refunded.
  • Career Mantra will help aspirants through all means to get refunds from your colleges.


Education Loan: To manage college fees is one of the major concern of the aspirants.

  • Career Mantra helps students in facilitating loans and helps in connecting them with the banks.
  • We will ensure that students fees and accommodation.

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